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Tree Commission

Tree City USA is a designation for municipalities that manage their Urban Forest. Ada has been designated as a Tree City since 1977. Ohio Northern University joined the Tree Campus USA organization in 2010. Ada's Tree Commission has been active in the management of our "urban forest". The urban forest includes all of those trees that are located in properties owned by the Village of Ada. This includes every tree in a tree lawn as well as those in the Railroad Park and the public lands in the Grass Run Industrial Park.

Chinkapin Oak (Quercus muehlenbergii) on West Lima Avenue. This tree was saved from destruction by making a minor modification to a street project.Chinkapin Oak

The Village Tree Commission meets regularly and has pruning and maintenance work days for the purpose of managing the urban forest. The work of the members of the Tree Commission helped to minimize the damage that occurred during the ice storm in January of 2005 and the derecho wind in the spring of 2012. The members are all "tree huggers" to some extent but all realize that it is not possible to save every tree. The group makes difficult decisions every year with the goal of providing responsible management of the urban forest in the Village of Ada.

As a member of Tree City USA, the Village is obligated to meet certain obligations regarding the management of the urban forest.

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