Wastewater Service


WWTP - Sewer Plant Expansion - November 2014

The Ada Sewer Department is in charge of operating, managing and improving both the sanitary and storm sewer systems in the village as well as some entities outside the village limits.  This includes the sewage plant as well as the delivery systems.  Currently, construction on a $15M addition and improvement to our sanitary storm system is under way.  The project started in November 2014 and is expected to take nearly 2 years to complete.  This project was mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency and will dramatically increase the capacity of our existing plant.  This will improve the operation of the plant as well as allow for expansion in housing and industry in the Village.

Image:  Beginning of Construction at the Village of Ada Sewer Plant Expansion project. November 2014.

WWTP Aerial Photos 12/12/2014 

Click on the link above to see aerial photos of the construction at the Waste Water Treatment Plant that were taken on 12/12/2014.  The new construction is in the bare ground field west of the entry to the current sewer plant.  Currently there is a single building under construction.