Public Works Department

Early work on the East Lima Avenue Project March 11, 2014

The Ada Public Works Department is in charge of managing, repairing and improving the streets, curbs and traffic control devices in the village.  Recent years have seen large street reconstruction projects that have improved transportation in and through the village as well as the look and feel of the village.

While the construction phase can be painful, the final result is not just spectacular from the surface but the drainage, sidewalks and other features of the project are an improvement, too.
East Lima Avenue Project nearing completion on August 30, 2014

For a more recent view of this project, you are invited to take a walk or a drive down East Lima Avenue in Ada, Ohio.



Sidewalk Cost Sharing Program

Sidewalk Cost Sharing Program

Sidewalk Cost Sharing Program -- This program provides a way for the village and property owners to share the cost of replacement and some repairs of sidewalks on the public right of way. The one page application is available at the village offices or here.  Call the Village offices at 419.634.4045 for more information.