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**Grandview Boulevard Project Update 3-20-23**

All, Good Afternoon, here is the project update (#3 - 3/19/2023) as of day #27 of the project (start date of Monday February 27th). Contractor has installed approx 274' of 36" storm sewer main, storm manhole # 3-2DE, and then another approx 100' of 30" storm sewer main. All this work has been from the intersection of Orders and Oak - running west to the curve on Oak Street and the beginning of the grass area heading towards the cul-de-sac. Installation has gone as planned, sewer is approx 8' deep running under the water and gas services and above the sanitary services located on Oak Street. Storm sewer installation is down the center of the street and at the curve is crossing a good portion of the front of the driveway located at 406 Oak. Through traffic has been limited on Oak Street for the safety of the workers and limited access around the construction site.

The wooden shed located in the path of both storm sewer line and new water line has been relocated so that construction through the grass utility easement towards the cul-de-sac will  continue without delays.


The first couple of weeks have seen a few non-work days due to weather conditions - this coming week looks good for getting in a full week of work. Beaverdam Construction will begin Monday by continuing the storm sewer installation heading west through the easement area and into the cul-de-sac


The Village will be doing some hydro vac work on Grandview Boulevard spotting gas line locations and determining if there will be conflicts with the gas line and sewer laterals.


Thanks for your patience and cooperation. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank You, Jamie hall