The village of Ada has a policy to offer large tree branch chipping and disposal after a storm that occurred last night. Pickup will be limited to branching that came down due to the storm and does not include branching from commercial tree cutters or normal tree trimming. Only storm related tree debri. Branches must be put at the tree lawn (area between sidewalk and street and must be all laid in the same direction (woody branch end towards the street). The Village cleanup consists of tree debris in the street and debris piles in the tree lawn only. Small limbs and leaf branches should be disposed of with normal trash as they do not run through the Village chipper.

The Village will pick up and chip tree branches from the storm at no charge for a period not to exceed 1 week after last night's storm on 6.13.2022. Please call the water office to notify them that you have put a pile out on the tree lawn or if you have any questions 419.634.4045 option #1.

Thank-you for your cooperation.