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**REMINDER** Village of Ada Income Tax Deadline is April 18, 2023

Reminder: Village of Ada Income Tax deadline is April 18


The Village of Ada income tax filing deadline date for tax year 2022 returns will be Monday, April 18, 2023, for all taxpayers, except fiscal year accounts or taxpayers on federal extensions.  

You are required to file your Village of Ada Income Taxes with the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) via their website at  You may establish your account on-line with them.  You may have RITA assist you with your tax filing by calling 1-800-860-7482.

Returns may also be mailed to RITA at PO BOX 89409, Cleveland, OH  44101, however each taxpayer is responsible to make sure their return has been received at RITA by the April 18, 2023 due date. Returns delivered to RITA after this date will be assessed late fees and interest.  Exceptions will not be made due to it being delivered to RITA late by the USPS, Fed-Ex, UPS or any other delivery system.  


The Village of Ada is a MANDATORY income tax filing municipality. This means that any person, age 18 or older, who resided within the Village either full-time or part-time during tax year 2022, is required to file an Ada income tax return by April 18, 2023. This is regardless of how much was earned or lost in the case of a business and even if your employer has fully withheld and paid income tax into the Village on your behalf. EVEN IF YOU DO NOT OWE ANY INCOME TAX TO THE VILLAGE OF ADA, YOU STILL MUST COMPLETE AND FILE A VILLAGE INCOME TAX RETURN FORM.   PENALTY AND INTEREST FEES WILL BE APPLIED TO THOSE WHO DO NOT FILE!


Each resident must report any income they earned during the year and pay income tax on all income earned (i.e. salaries, wages, commissions or other compensation such as farm income, rental income, business income or income from working any part-time job such as babysitting, mowing etc.). 

Any college student who worked in another community and did not officially change their domicile from Ada to another community prior to the start of tax year 2022, must file a Village of Ada income tax return.

The Village income tax rate is 1.65% of your total GROSS wages earned while you resided in Ada.

If tax is owed, you are expected to pay the tax that is owed at the time of filing your return. 

If you owe more than $200 in income tax to the Village of Ada at the time of filing your 2022 Village return, you are required by law to make estimated tax payments towards the tax that will be owed for tax year 2023.  RITA will provide you with quarterly estimated payment forms which will be due on the following dates: 

1st Quarter: April 15

2nd Quarter: June 15

3rd Quarter: September 15

4th Quarter: January 15 for individuals

            December 15 for businesses


The only people who are exempt from filing, are those individuals who did not have any taxable income during tax year 2022 or individuals who are under the age of 18.  For those individuals who are permanently retired or disabled without any taxable income, you may file an exemption form through RITA by April 18, 2023.


Any resident who was under the age of 18 during the entire tax year of 2022, is exempt from filing a Village of Ada income tax return if they worked, regardless of how much they made.  However, such individuals may complete a Village return to request a refund for any Ada income tax that was withheld from their pay and paid in by their employer.


The Village will impose penalty and interest charges if a taxpayer fails to file their return or remit the appropriate amount of income tax owed to the Village by the April 18, 2023 due date.


Please note that many on-line tax preparation software programs (Turbo Tax, H&R Block, TaxAct for example) do not include preparation of city taxes, as they are not filed with the State of Ohio like state income tax and school district income tax.  Therefore, if you use one of these, you still need to go on-line with RITA and file your city income taxes directly or mail your Village return to RITA per instructions above.