Considering tree work on your property?

Considering tree work on your property? Read this first!


The Ada Village Council has passed an ordinance revising the Villages requirement for any tree care companies that complete tree work within the Village.  This does include work performed on private property.


If you are a property owner contracting a company to perform tree related work on your property, the tree service company must first obtain a Village Tree Care License from the Village prior to any work being done.  This is to ensure that the company completing tree work within the Village has the proper liability insurance, certificate of workers’ compensation and obtains the Village ordinance prohibiting tree topping and other proper tree care regulations.




No person or firm shall engage in business or occupation of pruning, treating, removing trees, or grinding the stumps thereof, within the Village without first obtaining a license. The license shall be $25.00 annually in advance.  Before any license shall be issued, each applicant shall first file a certificate of liability insurance that verifies possession of general liability insurance in the minimum amounts of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) for bodily injury and five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) for property damage indemnifying the Village or any person injured or damaged resulting from the pursuit of such endeavors as described herein.