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2024 Eclipse

On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will cover a large portion of the continental United States of America. The exact epicenter of this once-in-a-lifetime event will converge in the Village of Forest. We project that the Eclipse will bring over 150,000 people into the County to see the spectacle from various sources. We have also heard rumors that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will also have a presence in or near Forest. This event will be massive and could overwhelm our local infrastructures, response forces, and local businesses. 

While the epicenter will be in Forest, our own Ada will most likely see the same surge in crowds as Forest. We have a prime area with basically the same view that you can find in Forest, but more open and accessible. We need to take the time now to prepare and train, so when the time comes, we can be on the right path and a welcoming environment to all guests who will be spending time and money in the Village.

The eclipse is an incredible opportunity for our local businesses and residents to make the most out of a potentially chaotic situation. The opportunities to have a weekend-long festival and plan fun family activities are ripe for us to use. The Village even stands to gain by setting up vendor fees or similar ways to recoup funds that we will use to prepare and clean up from the event.

Ensuring the Village handles this event logically and with preparedness in mind will ensure that we can build and uphold our image as a welcoming community to the world. Events like this bring people from all over the world together.


The Task Force:

This Task Force will ensure that local agencies, partners, stakeholders, and the public are prepared and ready for the solar eclipse. Potential duties include, but aren’t limited to liaison with law enforcement agencies, support for local businesses, proposals to change or modify existing ordinances, researching funding sources, and any other task that will enable to Village to respond and prepare appropriately. 

Task Force Members will include members from across the community, and may include the following agencies or Village departments:

  • Village Council
  • The Mayor 
  • Village Administrator
  • Village Fiscal Officer
  • Ada Police Department
  • Ada-Liberty Fire Department
  • Ada-Liberty Ambulance District
  • Hardin County Emergency Management Agency
  • Liberty Township
  • Ada Chamber of Commerce
  • Ohio Northern University
  • Ada Exempted Village Schools
  • Ada Zoning Commission
  • Kenton-Hardin Health Department

Additional resources:

If you would like additional information not provided here please contact:

Sean Beck, Councilor

Village of Ada

115 W. Buckeye Ave.

Ada, OH 45810


419-944-6970 (c)