The 2021 Annual Water Quality Report is now available!

2021 Annual Water Quality Report (CCR) now available


2021 Ada Consumer Confidence Report now available


The 2021 Ada Consumer Confidence Report, also known as CCR, is now available to the public. 

Making the report available is an annual requirement for compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act for community water systems throughout the country.  According to the U.S. EPA, the report “lists the regulated contaminants found in the drinking water… well as health effects information.”  The Village passes this information along to its consumers not just to comply with the federal regulations, but also because the administration feels it is important for consumers to know where their drinking water comes from and what affects it. 

In previous years, the Village of Ada has mailed a copy of the CCR with the monthly water bills.  As technology continues to change the way the world functions, U.S. EPA has recognized that mailing the reports may not be the most efficient method of getting the information to consumers.  This year, the Village of Ada has made the report available in two methods: electronic and print.   Electronically, the report is available at, and by clicking on, the following website: This URL will also appear on the June water bills, which are set to be mailed on June 24, 2022.  Consumers can access the report directly by using that exact URL.

Residents may also contact the Ada Village Offices at 419-634-4045, option 1, to request a paper copy be mailed to them.

Questions regarding the 2021 Ada CCR, or any information contained within the report, may be directed to the Ada Village Offices at 419-634-4045.