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Municipal Pool Opening May 27th

Pool Opens May 27, 2023


Regular pricing beginning May 27th

•Single Pass: $65.00

•Family Pass: $240.00 (2 adults, 3 children)

*Up to 4 additional family members may be added to the family pass at $20.00/per family member.

All Season

•Daily Admission $5.00 •Midnight Swim: $5.00

•Pool Rental: Minimum-$250.00

                Please visit our website for pool pass application:

You may also use our easy pay solution on our website to purchase Single and Family Pool Passes. Lap punch cards can only be purchased before the pool season opens at the Utility Department.

Adult swim: starts at 2pm and continues at the top of every hour. They last 15 min. Anyone under the age of 18, is prohibited from swimming. Children 3 & under can be with their parent

Furniture: All furniture should be kept in its place, NOT MOVED. Individuals should NOT be climbing, sitting, or standing on the furniture at any time. 

Housekeeping: You are responsible for any trash/belongings you leave behind please pick them up at the end of your stay. Anyone littering/spilling out contents in the pool area, will be subject to removal by a manager.

Lost n’ Found: Any items left at the facility are put into a bin. You must describe the item you are looking for to retrieve it.  (Lost n’ Found items are donated at the end of every week.)



•A swimming test is required for any individual under 18 years of age.

•Only one person on the diving board at a time.

•Only one bounce on the board.

•Use the nearest ladder and swim immediately to the ladder.

•No jumping on/near each other.

•No sitting on the board

•No floatation devices, or swim accessories in the diving well.

•Dive/jump straight off the end of the board.

•No backward motion into the pool at any time. 




1. Swimming is prohibited when a lifeguard is not on duty.
2. Proper swimwear must be worn in the pool. Pants, Sweatshirts, and Shoe attire are NOT permitted.
3. Do not distract lifeguards or the other pool staff.
4. All food and drink shall be kept in designated areas. (across the street). No outside food or drink per health dept. in the facility.
5. No glass containers permitted on pool property.
6. No drug or alcoholic products on pool property.
7. No profane language will be tolerated by any individual.
8. No diapers in the pool.
9. Use of balls, tubes, and floatation devices are at the discretion of lifeguard staff.
10. No running.
11. No dunking, pushing, or horseplay.
12. No one on the shoulders of another. (Chicken fights)
13. No chewing gum in the pool area.
14. No spitting.
15. Stay off all ropes
16. No diving except in diving well, back dives are prohibited (must enter feet first)
17. No jumping off ladders or guard chairs.

Since we are a weather-dependent facility, we CANNOT offer any refunds or rain checks. 


If we hear THUNDER/LIGHTNING, we must close the pool for 30 minutes. If we hear/see additional, the 30 minutes starts over.


If it is RAINING we can keep swimming until the lifeguards can no longer see the bottom of the pool.


Due to health department regulations, we cannot permit any outside food or drink.


For safety purposes we do not allow ANY backward motion off our diving board


No drug or alcohol consumption prior to or during your stay at our facility

Anyone under the age of 18 will need to take a Swim Test for the diving well
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