Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator (minimum OEPA Class I Treatment license)


Wastewater Treatment Operator (full time)

The world of Wastewater Treatment is one of the most important jobs in our society today. We live in a world in which our wastewater is treated in a safe and efficient manner, without many of us even realizing the treatment has happened. That level of work takes the skills and knowledge of licensed operators, which are in short supply.  

If you are an OEPA certified Class I (minimum) wastewater treatment professional operator, the Village of Ada needs to talk to you about joining our team!

The Village of Ada currently operates and maintains a Class 3 wastewater treatment facility.  The facility has recently undergone a $15 million upgrade to meet a peak capacity of 5 million gallons per day as the treatment facility for over 1,700 residences, businesses, and university customers of the village. 

Preferred qualifications:

We are looking for employees who can work independently with standard working hours, while being a great Village of Ada team member. Using lab equipment, routine tasks include collecting and analyzing samples, monitoring pumps, generators and a variety of plant equipment for plant maintenance. Troubleshooting mechanical issues on demand give the work day a break away from routine, as well as occasional field work in the collection system.

Required qualifications:

- Completion of secondary education (high school diploma or equivalent)

- Six months skilled maintenance experience, or equivalent

- current OEPA minimum Class I Wastewater Treatment certificate

Benefits include:

- Comprehensive paid leave

- Major medical insurance – the village pays 85% of the full-time employee’s premium; available on day 1

- Retirement funded through Ohio Public Employees Retirement System – employees contribute 10% of their gross salary, the village contributes 14%

- Flexibility for work/life balance

- working in a Drug Free Workplace

- Wages are based on skill and experience; hourly rate up to $24.

Are you ready to work in a job that keeps you to one of the most demanded careers of our time?  A job where routine meshes with non-routine tasks to keep the village’s wastewater treated in a responsible and efficient way. If you are ready for this job, then we are ready to talk!

Visit our website at www.adaoh.org, and click on the “Work For Us” tab.  There you will find an application that you can download, complete, and email, drop off or mail to us.  You will also find complete job descriptions for all open village positions.  We will let you know we have your application and we will get in contact with you to talk about our positions!

Applications will be reviewed as they are received and until the position is filled; interested applicants are asked to apply ASAP!