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Federal Resources

Centers for Disease Control: Coronavirus

Environmental Protection Agency: Water and Wastewater Information



State Resources

Ohio Department of Health: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Ohio Department of Health: Resources for Adults - Help, resources and ways to take care of yourself

Ohio Emergency Management Agency - Warnings about Scam Phone Calls



County Resources

Kenton Hardin Health Department: for the most current Hardin County COVID-19 updates and needs



Village Government Specific Resources

Village of Ada - Facebook

Ada Police Department - Facebook


Village Government Specific Updates


Ada/Liberty EMS Updates


To The Residents of Ada and Liberty Township

As we continue to fight the spread of the COVID-19 Virus, I wanted to touch base with you again. The original guidelines of what to do if you think you are experiencing symptoms, calling you primary care physician or the Ohio dept of health hotline numbers as well as the joint number from Lima memorial and St Rita's mercy health systems are still the procedures to follow. Recently the CDC is recommending that you you wear a facial cover while out in public, this can be a home made cloth mask or as simple as a bandanna. These coverings do not replace social distancing they should be used together.

 We encourage you to limit your travels away from home to only the necessities. Some stores are starting to limit the amount of shoppers they let in at one time and are encouraging you not to make shopping a family affair. As the weather improves it may be tougher to stay home, but the sooner we can stop the spread the faster we can return to our normal routine. The last thing we would want is our actions to cause these restrictions to linger on.  Everyone Stay safe 


Tom Miller Chief 

Ada/Liberty EMS

Community Resources


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